Donate Now

Click the “Donate” button to make a credit card contribution to UUCD. You can designate your contribution as a “Plate Contribution”, a “Pledge Contribution”, or a contribution to the “Endowment Fund”.

Plate Contribution

Plate contributions are usually made during the Sunday Service. They support UUCD’s operating expenses. One Sunday each month, the plate contributions that are not pledge payments are given to a local nonprofit organization selected by the Social Justice Committee.

Pledge Contribution

Each year, we ask all of our members and friends to consider what they can pledge by way of financial support to UUCD for our next fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021). Financial pledges from our members and friends are the basis for our annual budget and the primary way that we can maintain our mission of growing a loving, inclusive, spiritually- and socially-active community in central Delaware. (Read more about making a pledge.)

Endowment Fund

The UUCD Endowment Fund will build a broader and stronger foundation for our congregation’s future. This fund is administered by the UUCD Board and maintained in a special account. The Endowment Fund is independent of our operations account where pledge payments and other plate collections are deposited. (Read more about the Endowment Fund)