See You in New Orleans – Or Even South Africa

It isn’t love that makes the world go round but compassion – starting over in gentleness when love hasn’t been enough or other factors have failed: a gentle refusal to blame oneself or others and just begin again. – Nancy Shaffer (UU Clergy)

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?
Three thousand Unitarian Universalists.
Three thousand Unitarian Universalists who?
Three thousand Unitarian Universalists who aren’t just reading ahead in the hymnal to see if they agree with the words, but are actually singing the words.

Hard to believe, I’m sure. But it does happen annually at General Assembly (GA). GA is the annual meeting of the denomination held the end of June every year. It is a time to connect, do business, worship, celebrate, converse with fellow Unitarians and Universalists from all over the country. It is reassuring and encouraging to experientially realize that there are a great number of us doing great things in communities in every corner of this great nation. For more information go to the webpage at and look for GA. Registration opens March 1.

Or you can ask me. I have attended several over the years, as have several members and friends of UUCD. This year it is in New Orleans (one of my favorite cities) Wednesday, June 21, to Sunday, June 25. I have already made my hotel and plane reservations; and have noted that already space is becoming limited. So I invite you to join me. It is a grand and glorious experience.

AND, I invite you to consider another magnificent travel experience. Mary and I are headed back to South Africa next year in February, 2018 (my 18th trip). The actual time and itinerary are yet to be determined. We do know it will include a game reserve, many world renowned wineries, Cape Town, the Unitarian congregation established there in 1853, the Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, Gods Golden Acre (GGA), and any other destinations you might suggest. We have been associated with GGA for fifteen years, and the option of spending some extended time working on a service project there is also a possibility. We will work out the specifics once we have assembled an interest group.

So let me know if you have questions about either of these travel opportunities, and if you are interested in going. Together we can have an amazing experience.