Upcoming Services

UUCD’s minister, lay leaders, and outstanding guest ministers from throughout our UU district lead our Sunday services. With this variety of services, we believe you will enjoy varying perspectives and stimulating sermons.

To see what a what a UUCD Sunday service might include, you can watch a YouTube video of Rev. Chute’s reflection on Walt Whitman – ‘Walt & Me.’ You can find it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3sk-imOK1c&feature=youtu.be

Sunday services begin at 10 am

at Congregation Beth Shalom, 340 N. Queen St., Dover, DE

 June 4

“Healthcare and Income Inequality” – Sheryl Winsby

Congregational Study Action Issues (CSAI) are issues selected by UU member congregations for four years of study, reflection and action. In 2014, congregations selected Escalating Inequality/ Economic Justice as the most critical issue at that time. If anything, this issue seems even more pressing today.

June 11

“RE Graduation & Recognition Sunday” – Rev Greg Chute

As we come to the close of this church year, it is a good idea to take time to celebrate with our young people who have been attending our Religious Education program, and to acknowledge all those members & friends who have helped to support and maintain our spiritual community. Thanks to everyone.

Social Justice Sunday: Offering goes to Unitarian Universalist Delaware Advocacy Network

June 18

“What Ever Happened to Forgiveness?” – Rev Greg Chute

We don’t talk much about forgiveness; the word didn’t even make it into our UU 7 Principles statement of values. Is it relevant? Worthy of our attention? Or is there something better?

June 25

“Infertility in Medieval Europe” – Dr. Kristen Geaman

Dr Kristen Geaman is a lecturer in medieval history at the University of Toledo (Ohio). She will be talking about spiritual remedies for childlessness in medieval Europe. People used to visit saints’ shrines and make various offerings and prayers in hopes of conceiving. See how spiritual actions could offer medieval women a way to take charge of their fertility.