Upcoming Services


UUCD’s minister, lay leaders, and outstanding guest ministers from throughout our UU district lead our Sunday services. With this variety of services, we believe you will enjoy varying perspectives and stimulating sermons.

You can watch several sermons by Rev. Chute, our Minister Emeritus, on our Video Archive page.

Sunday services begin at 10 am

at Congregation Beth Shalom, 340 N. Queen St., Dover, DE


November 3

Belonging and Its Connection to the UU Chalice

Kristy Marten has designed this service to inspire us to see how the Unitarian Universalist Chalice and its flame relates to the theme of the month which is ‘belonging.’

November 10

Veterans Day

Stephanie Young and other veterans in the UUCD congregation are presenting a Veteran’s Day service and reflecting on being veterans.

November 17

We Belong? – Rev. Kharma

What does belonging mean anyway? What do we (as those who want people to feel like they belong) have to do to let them know? How do we create a world in which everyone belongs without having to work so hard?

November 24

Giving Thanks for the Places We Belong – Rev. Kharma

As we live into this season of Thanksgiving/Gratitude, how do we give thanks for the places we have found belonging when we haven’t expected it? (And the people who have made that so!) Let’s think about what it means to honor our “families of choice” or other environments that have let us know we belong, and helped us be more than we could otherwise be.