Upcoming Services

UUCD’s minister, lay leaders, and outstanding guest ministers from throughout our UU district lead our Sunday services. With this variety of services, we believe you will enjoy varying perspectives and stimulating sermons.

To see what a what a UUCD Sunday service might include, you can watch a YouTube video of Rev. Chute’s reflection on Walt Whitman – ‘Walt & Me.’ You can find it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3sk-imOK1c&feature=youtu.be


Sunday services begin at 10 am

at Congregation Beth Shalom, 340 N. Queen St., Dover, DE

September 3

The Dangers of Using People and Loving Things – Alissa Bennett

Alissa will share her recent struggles with materialism, and discuss how it applies not only to items but also to people.

September 10

Ingathering/Water Communion – Rev. Greg Chute

We’ll inaugurate our new Fall Season Theme of “An Examined Life” by asking everyone to bring in Sacred or Special Water to bless our community during the service. The invitation is to reflect on what makes something “Sacred” or “Special?” and what blessings we would want for our community.

September 17

Musar – Rabbi Peggy Deprophetis

The Jewish practice of Musar focuses on living a more conscientious life and being aware of the world around you and your responsibilities to that world. It helps us to become more of a “mensch,” a person of integrity and honor.

September 24

A Critique of Pure Reason – Rev. Greg Chute

That is the title of Immanuel Kant’s famous essay in which he extols reason but also identifies a shortcoming. If reason can only take us so far, how can we/do we know anything?

Guest Musician: Dr. Mike Arenson