Upcoming Services


UUCD’s minister, lay leaders, and outstanding guest ministers from throughout our UU district lead our Sunday services. With this variety of services, we believe you will enjoy varying perspectives and stimulating sermons.

You can watch several sermons by Rev. Chute, our Minister Emeritus, on our Video Archive page.

Sunday services begin at 10 am

at Congregation Beth Shalom, 340 N. Queen St., Dover, DE


October 6

What Do We Expect? – Rev. Kharma Amos

The theme of our worship for the month of October will be “Expectations.” This week, we’ll kick things off by asking ourselves what we expect – of the world, of ourselves, of the people in our lives? We will reflect together about how our expectations might or might not influence our actual experiences of life.


October 13

Seasons of Life – Steve Andrews

What can we expect the various seasons of the year to bring us? This will be reflected primarily through the arts of music and photography combined. What may lay ahead in your journey through the seasons ahead?

Social Justice Sunday – offering goes to Link of Love


October 20

Anticipation – Rev Greg Chute

Much of the pleasure in receiving a gift is in the anticipation of it. However, anticipating what or how something will be can easily lead to disappointment when we are faced with the reality or brevity of the gift. How can we enjoy building our expectations and still maintain our joy about reality?


October 27

Trick or Treat? – Rev Kharma Amos

As we complete our exploration of “Expectations,” we’ll engage this “Trick or Treat” binary that is so popular during this season of All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween, Samhain, and other festivals. Do we expect Tricks or Treats in life? We will also contemplate the ways in which the “Trickster” can help us disrupt our assumptions and open us to a fuller life.