About UUCD

 Who We Are

The Unitarian Universalists of Central Delaware is a congregation of individuals and families who are building a community that promotes a liberal approach to religious and spiritual nourishment through worship, education and celebration.

UUCD was officially welcomed into the Unitarian Universalist Association on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at General Assembly in Salt Lake City.
We, the free and open community of UUCD, join in common goals: to support each other in our spiritual journey, to serve humanity, to celebrate diversity, to be in harmony with the universe and to open our hearts, minds and our spirits to all that life unfolds.

We are committed to the values of diversity, social justice, liberal religious education, mutual caring and support, and to acceptance and peace in our congregation, our community and in the world.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow a loving community that nurtures our spirits and makes a positive difference in our world.

Our Covenant

As members of this loving community and seekers of religious freedom, we promise:

to welcome all cultures, lifestyles, points of view, and religious thought and to work at universal acceptance.
to show respect by treating each other with kindness in thought, word, and deed and by valuing each other’s time, talent, and treasure.
to be compassionately honest and direct in our communication with each other and to be responsive to requests for help and input from others.
to nurture one another by fostering the personal and spiritual growth of all and by helping one another in times of need.
to be loving stewards of our spiritual community and to accept responsibility for doing our part to sustain its healthy growth.