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Peace Week – 3rd through 11th of October 2020

This year has uniquely exposed the threats of racial injustice, food insecurity, and climate change that are bearing down on our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. Peace Week Delaware, for our fifth anniversary, has risen to the challenge to bring people together for peace in new ways. In the name of community safety, we are hosting exclusively virtual and outdoor events, and encourage you to attend as many as you are able!

With 41 scheduled events there is something for everyone, so be sure to check out the entire list and reserve your virtual seats.  Looking for a particular topic? All of our events are categorized for easy searching!  Dozens of organizations and individuals will be facilitating programs which include art exhibits, John Lewis documentaries, ways to heal and increase well-being, conversations on racism, women’s rights, environmental justice, and more.  See for more information.

UUCD Caring Committee Update
Continuing the effort to support our members and friends in a fair and balanced way during times of crisis and illness the Caring Committee has written a mission statement and developed a list of responsibilities. This will establish what members and friends can feel comfortable requesting and what can be done. More details are in the UUCD August 2020 Newsletter.

In order to meet these responsibilities, the private community website “UUCD Lotsa Helping Hands” was set up. To get involved, please go to, click on “join a care team”, and enter “UUCD”. Share a little information about yourself, and Gloria Gross will be notified of your request to join and will send you an invitation with linkage information. You can now volunteer for a specific task that is needed where you can help.

Redner’s Save-A-Tape Program
If you do your grocery shopping at any one of the Redner’s Warehouse Markets, you can earn funds for our UUCD Mission without any cost to you. It is simple to begin raising money for UUCD: get a Redner’s Rewards Card if you don’t already have one, present it each time you make a purchase at Redner’s, and then save the receipt. It’s not a credit card; there is no personal information involved. Just give your receipts to Lindsay Auten or Jayce Lesniewski. UUCD will earn 1% of the total of the receipts we gather from our UUCD community. More details are in the UUCD August 2020 Newsletter.

Social and Environmental Justice Committee
Are you interested in MAKING A DIFFERENCE in Delaware by taking action on important social justice issues? There are at least two ways that you can do so as a part of your connection with UUCD.

1. Join our Social and Environmental Justice Committee. Meetings of the committee are open to anyone, and we appreciate hearing about your passions regarding specific justice issues. Contact Mark Jarrell for more information and/or to let us know you’re interested. We meet for roughly 1 hour per month on the second Sunday (generally).

2. Connect with UUDAN (Unitarian Universalist Delaware Action Network). The purpose of UUDAN is to educate, mobilize, and coordinate UUs on advocacy for social justice issues in the State of Delaware in coalition with other advocacy organizations. UUDAN will strive to contribute to the community of UU congregations in the State of Delaware by offering members of UU congregations the opportunity to engage with legislative advocacy.

a. Read more on the UUDAN website:

b. SIGN UP for Action Alerts that make it easy for you to take action to contact your representatives or to engage in other acts of justice. This is not a high volume subscription … but the alerts they send are timely and super helpful. This is the direct link to join UUDAN ( — be sure to select UUCD as your congregation, and click the option to sign up for updates.
Social justice paramount for Unitarian Universalists, who have a historical tradition of “deeds not creeds.” This is a great way to put your faith into action to improve the lives of others and make the world (starting with Delaware) a better place.

Worship Committee
The UUCD Worship calendar has timely topics and extraordinary people to deliver reflections and share their musical talents, but additional voices for readings would be appreciated. Or you may be able to help by working behind the scenes unmuting speakers for their parts in a service, watching the chat box, and other “technical” operations. If you can share yourself in any of these ways, please contact Judy Kling. We have been extremely fortunate that Rev Kharma is a Zoom expert, and she has trained a few of us to assist her. However, we will be strained to continue without more of you willing to be trained and assist. So please contact us if you are interested and are willing to join this very necessary effort. And if you have ideas, concerns, or comments you wish to relate to the Committee, please contact Judy – they would love to hear from you.

Computer Equipment and Technical Expertise Needs and Supply
It has come to our attention, especially now that we are using Zoom in so many ways to gather, see and talk to each other, hold meetings, and worship together, that several of our members and friends may be in need of laptops, cameras, or microphones that would improve their involvement, or even make it possible. If you are in need, please feel comfortable in asking for assistance – either with equipment or with the expertise in how to use what you have. And, please, if you have any equipment collecting dust, but is still in working order, let Wayne Kling know, and we will attempt to match all identified needs with what can be offered. Thank you in advance!

Mindfulness Practice Group – Our group is formally registered as the St. Jones River Lotus Sangha with the Mindfulness Bell, a publication of Plum Village. Plum Village, France is the home of the monastic order who practice in the tradition and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and teacher.  A Sangha is a community which strives to live in harmony and awareness. We welcome all to enjoy peace as we practice with guided, silent and walking meditation.

We are currently meeting on Zoom every Wednesday. Our practice time is 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. The sessions include a variety of activities designed to bring us to the present moment. We consider the teachings of our teacher Thich Nhat Hahn as we breathe, sit, walk and listen.  No experience is needed as we review the basics at each session. We also practice deep listening, guided meditation and silent meditation. Our hope is to take this practice into our daily lives bringing peace to ourselves and others. There is no fee and no prior experience is necessary.  For further information, please contact Molly Keogh.