We are a new congregation, bringing Unitarian Universalism to the Dover area.

If you are unfamiliar with Unitarian Universalism, you will experience a wide range of spiritual and intellectual thinking and a variety of relevant and interesting topics. We are warm and welcoming and enjoy introducing visitors to our diverse and liberal faith.

We extend a special welcome to UUs who are new to the area.  Your experience and knowledge can help us grow.

If you are interested in joining our mailing list or learning more, please contact us!

What Do We Believe?

We affirm the worth of each individual, honor the democratic process, and respect individual freedom of belief and free faith which is inherent in the Unitarian Universalist heritage and its seven basic principles.  For more about our denomination’s beliefs, principles, and history, please check our page About Unitarian Universalism.

Next Sunday’s Service

May 22 – “Solitary Confinement and Torture” – Julie Price and Jalee Pernol.  Confining prisoners to their cells with little or no human contact has been called a cruel and unusual punishment and even a form of torture. This service will explore the psychological effects of solitary, how widely it is used in Delaware, and why there is a moral imperative to oppose it.