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Save the Date

6/24 – 6/28/2020 – UUA General Assembly in Providence, RI.   (See for more information)

Good to Know

Services Cancelled –

We are cancelling services, including all meetings after worship.  We will not schedule future services or meetings until more is known about how we can best respond to the COVID-19 health crisis.  Click here for the latest update

We are going to try our first UUCD Virtual Worship service via Zoom on Sunday, April 5th at our normal 10:00 am time.

Until then, we invite you to make time on Sunday morning for an alternative form of worship. Specifically, we suggest you watch the video of the Opening Worship from the Unitarian Universalist Association 2019 General Assembly.  Not only will this provide you with a good experience, it will give you a taste of our GA.  You may wish to attend this year since it is so close to us (relatively) in Providence, RI.

We also encourage you to attend a UU Virtual Streaming Worship Service on Sundays. We recommend one or more of the following:

Link of Love – The Social Justice Committee thanks all who have donated to the Link of Love plate collections over the past year. The beneficiaries of your generosity have been citizens who have recently been released from incarceration. These individuals do not have the resources to acquire birth certificates and state identification, the basic building blocks to starting a productive life. In one case a small fine was preventing an individual from

moving toward independent living. Another individual was provided a used, refurbished bicycle which allows him to attend daily addictions treatment and probation appointments every week. It also makes his local job search feasible. Your generosity is making a concrete difference for individuals who are dealing with economic inequality.

UUDAN – The Unitarian Universalist of Delaware Advocacy Network encourages all to join in the effort to support state legislation which aligns itself with UU values.  Sign up is easy on the UUDAN website.  There are openings on the coordinating committee which allows members to suggest and advocate for specific issues and legislation. All meetings are held on Zoom.  No travel necessary.

The Common Read – The “Common Read” for 2019-2020 for UU congregations are the two related books: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (Beacon Press, 2015) and An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People adapted by Jean Mendoza and Debbie Reese (Beacon Press, 2019). This Common Read invites UU congregations, communities, and individuals to learn the story of trauma and resilience that is the Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States. The former, published in 2015 by historian and activist, Dunbar-Ortiz, challenges the founding myth of the United States and shows how policy against the indigenous peoples was colonialist and designed to seize the territories of the original inhabitants, displacing or eliminating them. It is certainly written from a different perspective than those familiar histories most of us studied in school. I suggest that UUCD, as a congregation, consider how we might participate in this national UU project to read and digest the narrative presented in these two books. The UUA expects to post discussion guides sometime in November. Expect future newsletters to elaborate on ways we might engage with the common read as individuals, as a congregation, and potentially also as a cluster or a denomination.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome. The Social and EnvironmentalJustice Committee and Worship Committee are two groups who may collect these ideas and propose options.  – Sheryl Winsby

UUCD Has A New Minister – The Rev. Dr. Kharma R. Amos is absolutely thrilled to begin working with the Unitarian Universalists of Central Delaware in Dover, DE. She has been working with the Unitarian Universalist Association to receive plural standing (dual affiliation) for the last year, and is nearly finished with that process. Rev. Amos was ordained by Metropolitan Community Churches in 2002, and she has served in MCC as a local church pastor (9 years) and denominational staff (8 years).

Kharma received her Master of Divinity degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary (Lancaster, PA) in 2002 and her Doctor of Ministry degree from Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 where her work focused on Queer Theology and Congregational Life. She has published works on Queer Theology and Social Activism in a pluralistic context, and is passionate about both.

Kharma currently lives in Rehoboth Beach with her wife, Rev. Elder Diane Fisher (Pastor of MCC Rehoboth) and their two pets, Kady and Téa.

UUCD Endowment Fund – As we prepare to celebrate our 10-year anniversary, the UUCD Board felt this would be a good time to build a broader and stronger foundation for our congregation’s future. To help achieve that, at our Charter Anniversary Worship Service on Sunday the 17 th of March, we will initiate the UUCD Endowment Fund by directing all monies received in the offering of that Service to the Endowment Fund. This fund will be administered by the UUCD Board and maintained in a special account, independent of our operations account that is supported by our pledge payments and other plate collections.

The Endowment Fund will grow from contributions that may be associated with special events in our personal lives – such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, and other times of celebration. It can also grow from gifts provided by thoughtful generous people who include UUCD in their Will. Donors may receive special acknowledgement, if desired and as appropriate. This Endowment Fund will be used only for special purposes such as capital projects and programs that support the vision and mission of UUCD.

Mindfulness Practice Group – Our group is formally registered as the ST. JONES RIVER LOTUS SANGHA with the Mindfulness Bell, a publication of Plum Village. Plum Village, France is the home of the monastic order who practice in the tradition and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and teacher.  A Sangha is a community which strives to live in harmony and awareness. We welcome all to enjoy peace as we practice with guided, silent and walking meditation.

We meet at CBS in the main sanctuary every Wednesday. Our practice time is 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. The sessions include a variety of activities designed to bring us to the present moment. We consider the teachings of our teacher Thich Nhat Hahn as we breathe, sit, walk and listen.  No experience is needed as we review the basics at each session. We also practice deep listening, guided meditation and silent meditation. Our hope is to take this practice into our daily lives bringing peace to ourselves and others. There is no fee and no prior experience is necessary.  For further information, please contact Molly Keogh.

DIMH Dinners – The first Monday of each month UUCD members prepare and serve dinner at the Dover Interfaith Men’s Home (DIMH). Prior to the meal, we gather and listen as some residents share joys and concerns. After serving, we join them for dinner. Kitchen clean-up is the responsibility of the residents. Those of us who have been part of this experience return to help because we realize we are gaining as much or more than we are giving. Each month, one person serves as “head chef,” and is responsible for planning the menu and gathering all necessary ingredients. If you would like to serve as head chef, contact Sara Russell.